Useful Aviation Knots

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The Bowline (pronounced "bow-lin") is a useful knot for the ground end of the tiedown.
Note the labels. Rabbit goes into the hole. Around the tree and back out the hole.

Hurricane Hitch
Hard to describe how to tie the huricane hitch. Just study the picture. It is a secure system with a lot of give. When tying down a plane for high winds, the tie-down must stretch. DO NOT TIE DOWN WITH CHAINS. Chains have no give, no stretch, no flex, and when the wind bucks the wings up they come to a HARD stop against the chains. Rope gives, and acts like a bit of a shock absorber, cushioning the movement stop. Chains can rip your wings off. I stole these two photos from a detailed description of proper tie-downs at F. E. Potts' Guide to Bush Flying site.